Construction-site Ordinance

Coordinator according to Construction-site Ordinance


Our coordinators, equipped with the required knowledge and experience of RAB 30, take over these demanding jobs and perform all tasks according to the construction-site ordinance from the engineering phase to the handover of your structure.

In case there are several employers with their employees at one construction-site, one or more coordinators have to be present.


During  implementation planning (extract):

  • Compliance with the general guidelines as per §4 labour protection law
  • Preperation of health and safety plan and constant adjustment in the planning phase
  • Agreement among the crafts concerning jointly applied safety measures
  • Consutling concerning scheduling and construction site erection
  • Cooperation concerning the preparation of the advanced notice
  • If given, preparation of documents concerning follow-up maintance and repair activities

During implementation (extract):

  • Putting uo a notice about the announcement (adjustment, if given)
  • Application of the general guidelines as per §4 labour protection law
  • Publishing of the health and safety plan as well as constant adjustment in case of decisive changes in the implementation phase
  • Cooperation of employers and paying attention to control concerning compliance of the duties as per construction-site ordinance
  • If given, continuation of the document with a view to future projects

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