Engineering & Project Management

Engineering and Project Management concerning Pipe Construction,
Hydraulic Engineering and Special Civil Engineering

  • Engineering services, consulting and training concerning sea and underwater pipes, pipe construction, intersections and special contructions
  • Engineering of drafts, authority approval and implementation planning, cost management, construction management and coordination of construction processes, acceptance tests and documentation
  • Claim management and consulting concerning technical and lawful contractual and refund claims
  • Inspection and control, redevelopment and dismantling of existing damaged plants
  • Engineering and construction supporting survey, water locating, bathymetries of existing pipes, test of HDD-locating
  • Calculations concerning the statics for structural engineering, pipe and drill hole statics, preservation of evidence, CAD-documentation during all phases, 3D and construction drawings
  • Preparation of experts reports, ecological experts reports and geological reports

Responsibility instead of risk, quality instead of follow-up costs:


Each craft or structure must meet up-to-date standards concerning quality and safety as laid down in laws, standards or regulations.
This applies to any pipeline for gas, water or long-distance energy, dredging or HDD, hydraulic, concrete or structural steel engineering.

No matter if it concerns the basic engineering or implementation planning, the arrangement of tender or contract, implementation or refund claims:

We test alternatives, prepare cost-benefit analyses and limit risks.


This is a way to cut, among other things, extra and follow-up costs!

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