On 1st August 1998, MOLL - prd was founded by Günter Moll as a private company with its headquarters located at the private house of the founder.


In 2000 the positive situation of concerning orders saw the employment of extra staff and an expansion of the EDP and copy unit and in March the company moved into new offices. Due to successful commercial relations the second company, MOLL - prd Biuro Projektów Sp.zo.o (Ltd.) was founded in Danzig (Poland) in December, 1998.


Features such as systems know-how, a high innovation potential, top quality and tailor-made services made MOLL - prd one of the leading engineering and consultants firm in Germany regarding pipe driving and culvert construction. With a view to sustain such a flexibility and closeness to the clients, construction offices were also established in Erkrath and Berlin.


The total sales have permanently increased and as a consequence of the annual growth of the company and the amount of orders, the legal structure of the private company was converted to a limited Cooperation MOLL-prd GmbH & Co. KG Engineering & Consultancy for Trenchless and Open-Cut Pipeline Installation at the beginning of 2009.


In the year 2013 the MOLL-prd GmbH & Co. KG was one of a very limited number of engineering companies in Germany to be awarded with the Gütezeichen Kanalbau in the group ABV.


Since 1  January 2016 the MOLL-prd GmbH & Co. KG is part of the BPM group of companies.


This guarantees the possibility to benefit from a larger team of specialists and the chance to offer you a larger professional competence including structural engineering, geology, infrastructural facilities and much more.

Planungsgesellschaft für

Rohrvortrieb und Dükerbau



Ein Unternehmen der BPM-Gruppe