Study, Expert's Opinion (abstract)





Year:        2011

Client:     Currenta


Feasibility study steam-pipeline “HKM/CP UER” and drinking-water-pipeline OD 1000 (5km)





Year:        2011

Client:     Gasunie


Cost estimate and study for the culvert "Ems Dorenburg"”






Yera:        2010-2012

Client:     Open Grid Europe GmbH


Variant analysis and feasibility study gas pipeline NEL







Year:        2011

Client:     Pföstl & Helfer


Expert opinion for 3 HDD-Drillings in South Tyrol (Italy)









Year:        2009

Client:     Zweckverband Ostharz


Expert opinion on the main supply, section Quedlinburg to Bad Suderode






Year:        2009

Client:     Züblin


Engineering and consultancy regarding the concept draft of the “Rethedüker” (direct pipe method)

Planungsgesellschaft für

Rohrvortrieb und Dükerbau



Ein Unternehmen der BPM-Gruppe